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July 2019

Decades of Signature Style; Nikki Beach Turns 20

From the yachting playgrounds of St. Barts to the sophisticated white and blues of Ibiza, the decadence of Dubai, and the magic of Marbella; wherever there is class, style and a hint of savoir-faire, you will find the world’s most iconic luxury beach club.


Nikki Beach and 209 Mare are symbiotic in nature; both decided to become trailblazers, completely rewriting the script. Nikki Beach took the term beach club to hedonistic new heights, turning the sleepy French Riviera concept into a celebration of sun and style. 209 Mare took the notion of beachwear and set a whole new standard in luxury beachwear.



How Nikki Beach Was Born






While sassy seaside towns are studded with cabanas and cocktails, Nikki Beach was the name to start the glorious trend. Back in 1998, entrepreneur Jack Penrod had a vision. Penrod was already famed for turning Miami Beach into spring break haven, he was handed a property from the mayor and asked to revive the scene from retiree bolt hole to something young and beautiful. Café Nikki was born – pulling in the likes of Madonna and Bruce Springsteen who attended the lavish Beach Boys concerts and held court in the cool shade of the garden.

Penrod’s First-Class Concept






Penrod had a penchant for marketing and wanted to create a luxury brand modeled on the casual yet high-class moods of Europe. He wanted a spot that wasn’t about the hedonism of midnight hours, but one that allowed people to come and relax, swim and dine, mingle and dance and still get a good night’s rest if needed.


The concept caught fire, and Nikki Beach boomed onto the scene. Now, the flagship brand can be found scattered across 14 countries and has grown to include elegant resorts, sublime spas, and epic events that truly make a mark on the elite summer social calendar.


The Wonder of the White Party






The White Party is perhaps the event that has come to be synonymous with the sophisticated nature of Nikki Beach. The trend started when fashion model Naomi Campbell wanted to throw a themed party with everyone in white. Many years later, the annual event beautifully matches the Nikki Beach mood – casual, achingly cool, and capturing the whimsical wonder of soft summer moods. A-listers flock for the Gatsby-like vibes, the big-name DJ’s, and the designer debauchery.

Celebrating with a Perfect Partnership






This year Nikki Beach turns 20, and we want to share the celebrations. We have partnered with the perfection of Nikki Beach to offer their VIP clients the gift of a glorious luxury Beach Blazer. Designed in Monaco, our beloved Beach Blazers bring enviable elegance to your Nikki Beach look around the shimmering pool. Only on offer at Ibiza, Mallorca, and Marbella – we look forward to cracking the champagne and reveling in exceptional style. Nikki Beach is all about celebrating life, and that’s a concept we share at 209 Mare.

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