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December 2019

Full Moon Mayhem and Magic at the Papaya Playa Project

The Prologue

Mexico proves that she is still mesmerizing especially in Tulum where time stands still. Straddling that hip edge between new-age retreat and chic beach escape, this corner of the Yucatan Peninsula is famed for its mythical Mayan ruins, shimmering white-sand beaches, and iridescent shades that make up the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea. For years, the fashion crowd has been hailing Tulum as a tantalizing playground; a place where one can don their finest luxury beachwear, duck into a sweat lodge, see God and finish with cocktails and classy electro beats on the beach.

The Place






Nowhere captures Tulum’s bohemian chic quite like The Papaya Playa Project. Two hours from the bustle of Cancun and you are swallowed by the palm fronds and strange cries of the jungle and just a few steps from the surge of the sea. The Papaya Playa Project is all about primal sophistication, offering a medley of Casas, casitas and cabanas all carefully dressed to bring out your native side. 

The Pad






The accommodation design is purposefully raw and hand-carved to blend beautifully into the plush backdrop of the jungle. It’s no surprise that the award-winning casas have earned endless accolades for their enchanting approach. Seemingly constructed from twigs, clay and utilizing ancient Mayan building techniques – you can expect sprawling terraces with drink down sea-views, fairy-tale thatched roofs, and jacuzzi tubs. 

The Private Estate






Choose from lofty rooms for oversized beds draped in high-thread counts, private two-bed villas with an intimate pool for plunging, and carefully designed five-bed houses stashed in the trees and along the shore. The piece de resistance has to be the Shangri La of Casa Palapa; a private estate with personal butler service, plenty of lounge-worthy space for chilling with friends, a chef on hand to whip up dream meals, and infinity pool for starlit swims.

The Party






The Papaya Playa Project Beach Club brings that perfect blend of rest and play and manages to pull in a conscious cool crowd. There’s an open-air nightclub with a semi-amphitheater style layout, gifting amazing sea-views. The club doubles up as a spot to chill, dine, and cast your darting eyes to the sandy dance floor below. Hanging beds, sun loungers, and a double-decker bar set the perfect scene for easygoing weekends with world-class DJ’s making it one of the hottest beach clubs hangs in the whole of Tulum. Let loose your wilder side as every month the Papaya Playa Project hosts an epic full moon party.

The Purity





But the Papaya Playa Project isn’t all about the party, this side of the country is soaked in Mayan mysteries and there’s definitely an emphasis on going green and gorging on wellness. The resort even comes with its own sweat lodge. Oceanfront yoga will help detox you from the night before, the handmade juice bar will boost your immunity, and the spa is all about smearing you in healing kinds of honey, clays, and soothing aloe vera.  Feeling fresh-faced and decked out in your favorite designer gear, head down to the beach for a dip in Tulum’s Caribbean kissed waters and maybe snap a picture or two for the ‘gram. We can’t help you pick out the best backdrop, but when it comes to looking sharp in designer swimwear, we’ve got you covered.

The Provisions 





Foodie pleasures abound at The Papaya Playa Project with Mexican classics that come with a twist. Everything is bright and beautiful on the plate and with the open-air pantry of both the jungle and the sea, you can expect freshness, flavor, and fantasy of color from every dish on the menu.

The Post-Script





What we love about The Papaya Playa Project is now it places style and spirituality side by side. For those who crave something deeper than the usual five-star designs, this place sucker punches in all the right ways. The Papaya Playa Project ensures there’s time to play, but in a mindful way – calling on both your easygoing and wilder sides.

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